Christian Faith Church​
Celebration 18 years of Ministry work and serving a true living God.
On the 11th of July 1999 at Nyamutamba Hotel. Christian Faith Church was born. that day was the longest service we ever did  worshiping and crying to God in repentance  and seeking His covering and Grace to lead us in His way
I want you to see how we have travelled to be where we are now.
I want to explain to you the meaning of the number 18 to us as a church, starting with 8 and then 10.
8 stands as this:- 7+1 =8; this number is associated with Resurrection and Regeneration, the beginning of a new era or good great order to take place in the church to greater heights and to open doors worldwide.
Lets talk about Noah for a moment. He was one of the 8 people  who came out of the Ark to a new regenerated world read 2Peter 2:5. do you think you can be the good preacher of righteousness? A preacher towards restoration of your life, family, community and your country as Noah did as he walked with God, Genesis 6:9"..
We all know what happened for noah to be in the ark and subsequently come out of the ark.  the Lord our God had destroyed the earth because of SIN, but He restored it through Noah a righteous man Genesis 6:8
Now lets take a look at the number 10.
10 stands for  Perfected Divine Order. The number 18 on its own is a symbolic number of life (Chai-in Hebrew). At the moment as a church we have reached at this favourable number of years with greater hopes of success and prosperity and also new opportunities of long life in you and the church at large as we progress onwards.
The number 18 has to do with things of a humanitarian nature, independence and the building of life and even much more. As we continue on our path we will need to explore the five major areas and we need to do them without any compromise:-
 Self determination
Therefore you and the church today are to be resurrected from all dead plans and complacency that has been operating in your life. You are to be regenerated into
 this perfect divine order of God.
When God’s Divine Order is upon us; truelly and honestly, life will be restored to us in this church and the country right now.
the devil is a thief that has stolen everything from US, as individuals, as a church, as a community and as a country alas we are NOW in the season of RESTORATION and our God is a father that restores everything into their positions.
Just believe His word and act upon it and see what He has prepared for you in this hour of your life.
In a broader sense let’s look at another case of restoration. read Genesis 20:1-18. That’s a story of a great man named Abraham and his wife Sarah. they both lied to king Abimelech of Gerar, that Sarah wasn’t his wife but a sister, because of fear of man. Proverbs 29:25. But the God whom Abraham feared and worshipped was with him. The very same God he served is the same we are serving now and he can do the same to the situations we fearing so much in our lives as we serve in this ministry.
Abimelech returned Sarah back to Abraham that’s restoration of his marriage, and it was not the wife only returned but a whole lot.   Read Genesis 14-16 you will see that oxen and sheep male and female plus  male and female servants were given to Abraham, the land was not spared also, he was also told to dwell wherever he so wished to. 
On vs. 16 Sarah’s brother Abraham was given one thousand pieces of silver and in vs.17 Abraham in return prayed for king Abimelech for the curse to be removed from the house of the king Abimelech.
Restoration means the rebuilding of broken walls of our lives which the thief broke down when coming in and out with the loot without any worry.
The walls must be built as in Nehemiah 2:17, 18.For this great restoration to be a reality and this needs leadership that takes the responsibility for every area of their tasks without fear of anything.
Restoration comes along with Restitution of anything stolen or appropriated must be returned to owner.
Genesis 40:21 the chief butler was restored to his former position after spending some time in prison and he was happy.
2Kings 8:1-6 we hear the story of the Shunammite woman whose land was taken away from her, and was restored after the king heard the story of her by Gehazi; today we have the best King to hear your story, can you tell Him everything that  has happened to you He want to hear your story.
The devil has ever been using a strategy of threats to instil fear and confusion in you.  
It being by fellow Christians, friends or relatives
God wants to restore the time, the years the
Swarming locust,
Crawling locust
Consuming locust
Chewing locust
These are four elements of locusts; there are four great elements (earth, air, fire and water)
Four regions of the earth (north, south, east and west)
Four seasons of the year (spring, summer, autumn and winter)
This number four could be four corners therefore you are in the box you can’t run away, and it is only by God’s grace.
 Restoration is coming and its already here. Like I said before Just believe His word and act upon it and see what He has prepared for you in this hour of your life.