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An offering that worships
Then he said to the servants, "Stay here with the donkey. The boy and I will go over there and worship, and then we will come back to you." Genesis 22:5.

He keeps everyone away and promised to come back with his son. He was the only one who truly understood what was going to happen. A father going to sacrifice his only beloved son. What a big sacrifice. On the way he must have deliberated within himself and to him it didn't make sense, but he was going ahead with it anyway. Abraham never sought the opinion of others even his wife because he didn't want anyone between him and his God. Abraham understood His God as Loving God and would never lead him into something he would regret. He understood that no matter how stupid the instruction from God appeared, that is exactly what he was going to do. He knew this was a giving God who had given him Isaac in the first place and if he wants to take him away then whatever God wants he gets. He must have understood that Since God had promised to bless the world through Isaac it was better to surrender him into His able Hands to guarantee a flawless realization of that promise.

Abraham was prepared to see his son roast on the altar of God as he reasoned God will bring him back to life Heb 11 vs17-19. Wow isn’t that mind blowing such faith no wonder he is called the father of faith. Listen to this He says to his servants “the boy and I are going to worship”  But we know the boy was the sacrifice don’t we?. Was he lying? No. he understood that an offering worships, yes an offering worships. An offering speaks on behalf of its people. An offering is an intercessor. That's why the Bible says “Cornelius your prayers and gifts have come as a memorial before me” Acts 10:4-5 . Your offering has a voice. The more painful the offering, the louder the voice before God. God does not live on men’s' offering but they stand before God and remind him of your faithfulness and need of blessings. Offerings are a practical demonstration of our reliance on God. When we give the best we are simply saying ' without you God we are nothing and cannot achieve anything. This kind of reality moves God. God will not trust us with Kingdom wealth, when we can't trust Him with a quarter of the small cake in our hands.

A lame offering is an offering we don't feel, it’s like sending a small child to represent you in boardroom meeting. The child surely won't stand a chance to influence anything on your behalf. Real offerings are motivated by the love of God and not up for discussion lest the promise of God be diluted. Abraham understood that principle, he lived by it and became the father of many nations, the father of blessings.

Let us walk in the footsteps of our father Abraham and function in his type of faith. A faith which moves mountains. Let us trust big, give big and surely we will receive big from a Big God ! Amen. God bless you

Pastor Mpita